9int9 transforms challenges in AI, Cyber Security and Stalled Projects into tangible solutions, driving businesses from insight to action.

The challenges 

AI Complexity​

In the race to leverage AI, many businesses are lost in massive datasets, unclear starting points, and ethical dilemmas. The gap between potential and execution widens.

Cybersecurity Threats

With cyberattacks increasing businesses face risks from data breaches, digital theft and impact on services that cause substantial financial and reputational losses.

Stagnant Projects 

Momentum fades, ressources are wasted and morale drops as projects stall. A latent threat to growth and innovation.



AI Solutions
Security Solutions
Project Solutions
Software Solutions

Why 9int9?

Highly skilled hybrid teams
Delivering Solutions, not talks
Fixed pricing, real results
Tangible Transformation
ROI focus
AI first strategy


Burkhard Geissler, Co-Founder
Tibor Konya, Co-Founder